Cookie policy

What are cookie files?

Cookies – small pieces of text data sent via the WWW server and stored on the user’s device (usually on the hard drive). Default cookie parameters allow the included information to be read only by the server that created them. Source: Wikipedia

What types of “cookies” do we use?

Session cookies – the type of “cookies” that lets us track the movements of users visiting our website. As a result, if they have been used once on the website, there is no need to provide the same information in the future. The session cookies are deleted when the Internet browser shuts down.

Persistent cookies – stored on the user’s computer; information is saved on the computer’s hard drive. The cookies stay there until the user decides to delete them.

How does the website use “cookies”?

We use “cookies” to identify users who visit our website. They allow us to learn how many users visited our website and how much time they spent on a given tab. “Cookie” files do not process or store any personal data or any other confidential information.

How to get rid of “cookies”?

Every browser allows you to delete cookies. The procedure will be slightly different depending on the type of browser you use. Please go to the “Help” tab in your browser’s menu for more information.